What is the A.M.I.T.® Method?

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The Science of A.M.I.T.® Method

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (A.M.I.T.®) is an advanced sports medicine technique that helps active individuals with muscle and joint issues. It detects and prevents injuries by correcting body instabilities, leading to faster healing, pain relief, and improved performance without drugs or surgery.

Your body can deactivate muscles due to overuse and injury, which can lead to chronic joint and muscle pain.. A.M.I.T.® identifies and targets these issues to encourage swift rehabilitation.

Dr. Buhler and his team in Kaysville and Draper, Utah, have helped top athletes and people worldwide regain their active lifestyles through this effective treatment.

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A.M.I.T.'s Founder — Dr. Alan Beardall

Dr. Alan G. Beardall (1938-1987) was a pioneer in Applied Kinesiology and the genius behind A.M.I.T.® He believed in the body's wondrous abilities and emphasized thorough investigation to resolve issues permanently.

“You should never have to treat the same muscle twice. If you find the same problem recurring, you have missed something and need to dig deeper into the body’s systems for the answer as to why your treatment did not hold.” ~ Dr. Alan Beardall

Dr. Beardall's approach involved assessing muscle function, range of motion, and symptoms to decode the body’s biological language system and help heal issues at the root.

Solving the Problems, Not Just Symptoms

Your body signals pain to indicate underlying issues. While many chase symptoms, the A.M.I.T.® Method focuses on diagnosing and treating the core problem your body communicates.

What does the A.M.I.T.® Method treat?

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Ankle Sprains

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Adhesive Capsulitis (“Frozen Shoulder”)

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& More