How did he avoid surgery and find relief with the A.M.I.T Method?

Fred's struggle with debilitating lower back pain and leg numbness led him through a maze of treatment and care plans:

  • months of physical therapy
  • months of chiropractic care
  • recommended surgical back fusion

Fred wanted a non-invasive solution

He turned to the A.M.I.T. Method.

Identifying the Root Cause

The A.M.I.T. Method pinpointed muscle inhibitions that were destabilizing key areas contributing to Fred’s chronic pain:

  • Gluteal muscles: inhibited 
  • Lower back muscles: inhibited
  • Abdominal muscles: inhibited 

Reactivating these muscles became a crucial step in relieving stress on joints and discs.

Fred experienced significant improvement after receiving treatment. 

The rehabilitation exercises that were designed to complement the treatment plan played a pivotal role in Fred’s recovery. 

But how can the A.M.I.T Method help you?

  • Chronic Pain Relief: Find hope and embrace relief from persistent discomfort
  • Non-Surgical Alternatives: Avoid the potential risks associated with invasive procedures.
  • Long-Term Solutions: Addressing underlying muscle issues for overall health extends beyond pain relief--it can impact your entire life. 

Take the quiz to see if your muscles are inhibited.