In the Wake of a Collision

In the fast-paced world of sports, injuries are a constant threat. For Judy, a soccer collision led to a concussion that transformed her life. 

  • Standard concussion protocols offered little relief as she grappled with severe headaches, personality shifts, focus issues, dizziness, and chronic fatigue. 
  • The impact rippled into her academic performance and daily activities.

Unveiling the Root Cause

An evaluation revealed fixated sutures in Judy's skull, a consequence of the traumatic soccer collision. 

Palpation of these fixations elicited significant pain, leading to a cascade of symptoms collectively known as "post-concussion syndrome."

  • The A.M.I.T Method-certified practitioners identified the fixated sutures as the crux of Judy's suffering. 
  • The procedure known as "Nasal-Specific" emerged as the beacon of hope to unlock these fixations and restore normal cranial motion.

A.M.I.T's Nasal Specific Procedure

The Nasal-Specific procedure involves inserting a small balloon into the nasal passages. Rapid inflation and release of the balloon pressurize the skull and release fixated sutures and expanding chambers. 

Judy's emotional response after the procedure was telling—

  • Tears flowed, not from pain, but from the relief of escaping months of relentless headaches
  • Her breathing improved
  • Her brain fog

Judy's Transformation

Judy's follow-up appointment brought tears of joy. Her carefree personality had returned and her father attested to the positive changes in her well-being. 

Back in school full-time, Judy's friends noted her fun-loving spirit was rekindled. The brain fog vanished and her thinking returned to normal. The A.M.I.T Nasal-Specific treatment had given Judy and her family their daughter back.

Why It Matters

Post-concussion syndrome carries a profound impact on daily life and is often unaddressed by standard protocols. The Nasal-Specific treatment goes beyond symptom management. It offers a pathway to restoring normalcy and joy in patients' lives. The A.M.I.T Method’s Nasal Specific Treatment offers transformative relief:

  • Identification of Root Cause: A.M.I.T-certified doctors pinpointed fixated sutures as the source of post-concussion symptoms.
  • Nasal Specific Procedure: A unique and effective approach involving a balloon inserted into nasal passages to release fixated sutures.
  • Immediate Relief and Emotional Impact: Judy's physical and emotional relief after the procedure spoke volumes about the immediate and profound impact on her symptoms.

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