The Mystery Unraveled

In the world of competitive sports, setbacks are inevitable. For a University of Utah downhill skier from Spain, the blow was not just physical but threatened to shatter her Olympic dreams. 

As she trained, the skier experienced an inexplicable loss of function and feeling on the right side of her body struck like a lightning bolt. 

  • Holding a coffee cup became a challenge
  • Her right foot was numb and uncontrollable
  • She experienced constant and severe pain

Five specialists at the University of Utah Medical Center were perplexed. The diagnosis—cervical brachial plexopathy and lumbosacral plexopathy—offered no clarity on the cause, only a grim prediction of a lifetime of pain and dysfunction. 

The prescribed solution? Neurontin--a medication with a laundry list of potential side effects including mood changes, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide.

A Beacon of Hope: The A.M.I.T Method

Enter the Buhler A.M.I.T. Clinics and Dr. Buhler, a beacon of hope in the realm of sports medicine.

An A.M.I.T-certified doctor diagnosed her with a functionally displaced C1 vertebra at the base of her skull. It was placing pressure on the upper part of her brain stem was the source of her pain.

The A.M.I.T Method's precision addressed the problem with a manual spinal adjustment known as a "toggle recoil". 

  • This meticulous intervention aimed to reposition the vertebra and alleviate the stress on the brain stem. 
  • The result was nothing short of miraculous.

Immediate Transformation

As the skier rose from the treatment table, sensation returned to her hand and foot. A wave of emotion overwhelmed her.

Her feeling and function returned, and she returned to the ski slopes with confidence. A spark of hope, once extinguished, was reignited in her eyes, proving that the A.M.I.T Method could defy expectations where conventional medicine fell short.

Why It Matters

Chronic pain limits potential and stifles dreams. Inhibited muscles and neuromuscular conditions often lurk behind such issues. With the A.M.I.T Method, you benefit from: 

  • Non-Invasive Excellence: Unlike traditional treatments, the A.M.I.T Method is gentle yet powerful, avoiding the need for surgeries and invasive procedures.
  • Natural Healing: By activating inhibited muscles, the A.M.I.T method taps into the body's innate healing power, fostering long-term well-being and vitality beyond immediate relief.
  • Immediate and Lasting Relief: In a world where time never stands still, the A.M.I.T Method stands out for its ability to deliver swift results and spare individuals from prolonged rehabilitation periods.

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