Pain is Your Body's Alarm System

Discover how the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique reactivates injured muscles for effective pain relief and rapid recovery.

Active people and families enjoy the same high-level care as elite athletes.

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Sidestep Unnecessary Surgeries
Accelerate your healing
Prevent Future Injuries

Your Body is a Network of
640 Muscles
When Injured They Become Dysfunctional or Inhibited

When a muscle is inhibited, those around it become overloaded, causing reduced function. Avoid unnecessary surgeries and chronic pain with A.M.I.T.

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Dr. Buhler, creator of the Advanced Muscle Integration Method (A.M.I.T.)

With 47 years of experience, he revolutionized injury prediction, prevention, and accelerated healing. As a chiropractor for the NBA Utah Jazz (24 years), he minimized player missed games due to injury and accelerated post-surgical rehabilitation for the US ski team.

Pain Relief Starts When  Your Muscles Are Reactivated

Knowing which muscles are inhibited helps you accelerate your healing and prevent future injuries. The Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, or A.M.I.T.,  reactivates those muscles and rekindles your body's healing prowess.

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The A.M.I.T Method Reactivates Muscles and Accelerates Healing

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (A.M.I.T) identifies inhibited muscles and turns them back on. The A.M.I.T Method is non-invasive--no surgeries, no painkillers, no injections.

"Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is the #1 technique in the world for reversing permanent injuries."
                                                          The Four-Hour Body by Tim Ferris

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Elevate Your Competitive Edge

Athletes require every advantage to excel. If any tools are switched off, peak performance potential remains untapped. Unlock your full potential.

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Where Does It Hurt?

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A.M.I.T.® Elevates Chiropractic Care

The A.M.I.T.® Method
Other Chiropractors
Muscle Reactivation
Cranial work
Injury Prediction
Muscle Balancing
Proprietary Method
Spinal adjustments
Targeted Treatment
Specific to patient’s neurological condition
General, standard adjustments
Accelerate Healing
Duration of Results
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Combines 15 Disciplines to Heal Faster

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Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

Many of our patients avoid unnecessary surgeries through our proprietary A.M.I.T. method. Accelerate your healing by reactivating your muscles.

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Trust In Their Experiences

"I first visited the Buhler Clinic seven years ago. I had struggled for two years following a bad ankle sprain but with one visit of muscle reactivation I was good as new and traveled to Norway the following week where I hiked 16 miles on a rough trail with no pain.”

Jane G.

"4 years ago I was told to have back surgery from a surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Buhler, no surgery and feeling great. They are very professional and exceptional at their work. Thank you for your care!"

Dayna J.

"Dr. Buhler is amazing! After much skepticism, I recently became a new patient and I am highly impressed with the results of the A.M.I.T Method. I cannot recommend this clinic enough."

Elliot F.

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Over 25,000 individuals have unearthed relief and enhanced performance through the A.M.I.T. Method. Their testimonials speak volumes.

AMIT Treatment Protocol

1st Assessment
What to Expect
Full body muscle exam
Toggle Adjustment
2nd assessment
What to Expect
Review full body exam results
Reactivate first two muscles
Start your treatment plan
$120 per 2 muscles
What to Expect
Schedule recurring appointments to reactivate all your inhibited muscles.
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Not Sure If Inhibited Muscles Are Behind Your Pain?

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