Predicting and Preventing Injuries

Mind, Body, Spirit as one.

Are you striving to improve your health, alleviate common aches and pains, discover performance, or enjoy an active healthy lifestyle?

Mind, Body, Spirit as one.

We believe in the human body’s inherent ability to heal without drugs or unnecessary surgeries. When severe injuries require surgery, A.M.I.T® practitioners work collaboratively to accelerate healing and support rehabilitation.

We believe if all the essential elements for healing are available to the body, it can repair and restore itself quickly. The A.M.I.T® method helps determine which essentials are missing, and once delivered, miraculous changes happen.

Using the A.M.I.T® method, the power of touch assists the body’s ability to heal, restores health and wellness, and enhances pain free joint motion.

Healthy Lifestyles

Providing the body with needed nutrition is fundamental for vital and active lifestyles.

The A.M.I.T® method tests the body for nutritional deficiencies. Essential nutrition encourages the body to repair damaged muscles and tissues.

Active People

Dr. Buhler provided a service that no one else could and I found it reduced my workload. I found during my career that if I used the best of the medical and alternative worlds, we could produce a better outcome. My philosophy was to focus on prevention rather than wait until an injury occurred. Dr. Buhler had the skills to assist in this regard.

-Don Sparks, Trainer for the Utah Jazz - 19 years

Doctor Buhler, You are one of my heroes! You are brilliant, yet humble, ingenious, yet fundamental, cutting-edge, yet methodical, and spiritual as you heal both the body and the mind, all which constitute the soul of man! I affectionately call you my “Voodoo” doctor because you are so much more than a chiropractor. You are a “healer” in every sense of the word! I love you like a brother and take great pride I calling you my friend!! I am your biggest fan!!! God Bless

-Dan Clark, motivational speaker, author, and CEO of Clark Success Systems

I went from lifting 6 pounds to lifting 28 pounds in less than five minutes. “Do you have pain at the bottom of your right Achilles tendon?” Buhler asked. He hadn’t even looked at this location, and he had pinpointed one of my most serious problem areas. His spotting ability was incredible. In the end, I tested his treatments with the only jury that really mattered: objective weights. The changes were not subtle. Twenty-four hours before my second sessions with Buhler, I performed decline flies with 40-pound dumbbells for a maximal five repetitions. Twenty- four hours after the session, I performed slow decline files with 50-pound dumbbells (20% increase) for 14 repetitions (180% increase). Incredible. Before you aim to improve a muscle’s output (weight or repetitions lifted) by increasing size, it’s important to ensure that the input (neural system) is functioning properly.

-Timothy Ferris, The 4-Hour Body (pg 308-309)

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Buhler's contribution to my life! After 25 years of chiropractors and continued back pain, my aunt (a reputable acupuncturist) insisted that I see Dr. Buhler. Well rooted in alternative healing and dedicated to healthy living, I had not even realized how poorly my body was functioning. Dr. Buhler's A.M.I.T® method restored function, agility, resilience, and health. If you want to be in your best body possible, Dr. Buhler's work is an excellent place to start!

-Johanna Hofmeister, CEO, Innovations Educational Consulting

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