Cindy Murphy

After 20 years of pain in the pain of the area of my shoulder blade and neck, I finally found relief with Dr. Buhler. I had tried multiple chiropractors, medical doctors, injection, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and strengthening exercises with only temporary relief at best.

Once I had my AMIT evaluation, I knew that this was different from anything I had ever heard before. During my first appointment, I received the most thorough examination I had ever been given. As the treatments began over the following weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. Due to how long I had been in pain, it took many months for Dr. Buhler to activate all of my muscles, but he never had to do the same one twice. Once it was activated, it seemed to be a permanent fix. When enough muscles were activated, the pain resolved. Then I could move on successfully with strengthening exercises that I was unsuccessful with in the past. Since then, I have brought my husband and son in for evaluations and treatment as well as my out of state relatives. Everyone is amazed and so please with how they feel!