Crystal Stewart

My son (Jack, 14) suffered from chronic headaches. He had gone through many typical medical routes before finding Craig. For example, pain management via multiple medication trials, MRI, CT scan, Optic exam, ENT evaluation with subsequent antibiotic trial, and some physical Therapy/Massage/Chiropractic (not Craig AMIT Method) sessions.

At the end of this cumulative approach, with Jack only receiving marginal success at best, the final decision presented to us was to put Jack on daily medication. The medication was a prophylactic medication and was the last recourse we were offered to manage his pain. We could not accept the idea of our previously healthy and vibrant 14 year old to be put on medications chronically. He was 13 prior to the onset of headaches and weighed merely 80 lbs.

We decided we weren’t done searching for other health care options. We found Craig and using the AMIT Method Jack’s life began to change for the best. His headaches began to diminish slowly but surely. Craig was not looking to “manage” Jack’s head pain, but to discern “why” he was having the headaches. He then worked to “fix or resolve” the problem, finding the underlying cause of his pain.

As Craig worked on Jack and explained his findings, he helped us understand the sound underpinnings of his approach. We felt like Jack had finally arrived into healing hands.

Not only was Craig extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and grounded in understanding the human body as a multidisciplinary “system”, he helped to alleviate our anxiety about Jack’s condition. We trusted Craig. We felt ourselves becoming more confident and calm as time progressed. Jack was getting better!

We are grateful to have found Craig. It is scary to think where Jack would have been without his skilled intervention. Many Thanks!

Jack’s Mom