Conditions Treated

At Buhler Athletic and Human Performance Clinic, we offer generalized explanations and A.M.I.T. ® explanations for common musculoskeletal conditions treated.

Treatable Injuries

Buhler Athletic Injuries & Human Performance Clinic is able to these injuries.

Click through the runner's body to see treatable injuries using the A.M.I.T. ® Method.

Treatable Injuries Non X-Ray Girl
Head/Neck Shoulders/Arms Core/Spine Hips/Legs



Treatable Injuries

Head Conditions

Neck Conditions




Treatable Injuries

Core and Spine Conditions

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Acute Vs Chronic Conditions

A.M.I.T. ® Explanation

Acute injuries are injuries or symptoms occurring under six weeks in duration.

Chronic conditions are any injuries or symptoms present for six weeks or longer.

If an acute injury is not corrected within six weeks of occurrence, the central nervous system if forced to adapt other tissues to protect the injured or symptomatic tissue. Eventually, the adapted tissues can become the next site for injury or symptom. A question that must be asked with any symptom; is the problem at the symptom site or is the symptom presenting the site of adaptation?

Acute injury treatment is directed at the site of injury. Chronic conditions often require treatment somewhere else in the body, which is always the area of an old injury. Unless old injuries are treated, the symptomatic area will never heal.

Sprains and Strains Conditions

Type One Sprain/Strain

Minimal disruption tissues (1-10%), minimal pain, minimal swelling. Treatable.

Type Two Sprain/Strain

Partial tearing of tissues (11-50%), some hemorrhaging, marked pain and swelling. Treatable.

Type Three Sprain/Strain

Severe tearing and possible rupture (51-100%), marked dysfunction, visible deformities, surgical case.