Affiliate Testimonial – James Parker

The AMIT certification courses have armed me with one of the best tools to reverse injury and produce results that not only are immediate but long lasting.  As a relatively new practitioner it has been such a great approach that has made me look really good with patients.  “Wow” is a common word that most patients say during and right after treatment.  I have seen that nothing is out of my realm of treatment and assessment given what I have learned through the courses.  As a former Olympic athlete I never ran into such a fast and effective treatment.  Also what about performance enhancement?!!  I have seen amazing things.  Next day personal records in lifting, jumping or individual exercises are way too common.  I am thoroughly pleased with my training and I am glad I spent the time and money to learn.  It has increased my value as a practitioner 1000 fold!

James D. Parker, D.C.

2004 Olympian

Dr. James D. Parker, D.C.
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