HANDS2Welcome to our blog. We as the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique team are excited to have you join our group. The procedures used in the AMIT method have been used and challenged at the elite level of human performance for over 40 years with exciting and reproducible results. Practitioners who have certified in our program say their practices have grown and they have a renewed excitement going to their offices. Our vision is to have AMIT a recognized standard of care for active people by the year 2023. With your help we will be able to accomplish this AMIT does not replace the great techniques already being used in sports medicine and sports chiropractic, it enhances them. Our goal is to make AMIT the most researched approach to human performance and injury correction in the field.

We invite you to share your ideas and experiences with our growing group or providers. As a group, we can learn and grow in our understanding in how this amazing system called the human body works.

-Craig F. Buhler, DC and the AMIT Team.