Patient Testimonials – Stefanie Schulte

After I gave birth to my son 1 1/2 years ago I suffered from increasing and intensive pain and numbness in pelvic region and knees. I felt an incredible improvement after the past treatment and I didn’t have to take pain killers anymore. This is my first pain free time since 1 1/2 years and I’m looking forward to the next appointments.

Patient Testimonials – Tanner Redding

Our first introduction to Dr. Buhler was when our son, Tanner, was having back trouble and trouble with his SI Joint that limited his ability to play high school sports that he’d always participated in. A friend referred us after Dr. Buhler helped her son get back on the soccer field. Within 3 or 4 visits Tanner was able to start playing football and baseball again. Throughout all of the high school sports seasons Dr. Buhler’s method have kept Tanner competitive and able to play. Even after a serious, high ankle sprain Dr. Buhler was able to help him back to a miraculous recovery and ability to play quickly. We recommend Dr. Buhler to anyone and have experienced incredible results, both preventative and recovery.

Thanks Dr. Buhler!

The Redding Family

Patient Testimonials – Mike Aitken

I was recommended to Buhler by Laura Hadar because my shoulder wouldn’t stay is socket. I met with Buhler I don’t know how many times, that’s besides the point…He got my shoulder working…that is 80%. Before my reason I feel for meeting Buhler came in to play…In 2008 I had a BMX bike crash and had a traumatic brain injury. When I got home from the hospital in Utah, I had a card from Buhler, it read: Mike, I’ve had really good luck with people who have had brain injuries. Come see me. So, I don’t remember how long it took me to come in, but I hobbled in a crooked man. My whole right side had been paralyzed from my injury. Buhler first did cranial work to take pressure off the brain stem and then began turning back on every muscle on my right side while relax fully placing my skeleton back where it belongs! After Buhler performed his expertise on me I walked in my moms house and she started weeping tears of joy. She was like “Mikey, you stand before me a straight man!” My experience with Buhler has been life changing; spiritually & physically. I say that because I believe that it is all connected…and Buhler helped me get to that place.

Thanks Buhler
Love, Mike Aitken

Affiliate Testimonial – Mark Parker

Thank you for having the perseverance to bring AMIT to us and world. I am amazed everyday at the results I am able to achieve using this system. Sitting In the first seminar I knew this was the piece of the puzzle I have been looking for in patient care. AMIT has transformed the way I look at patients and the way I treat them. This feeling was shared by the class. I look forward to treating many people with AMIT and changing lives. I also look forward to the improved AMIT you are working on. If I can help you in any way in the advancement of AMIT let me know.

Dr. Mark Parker DC


HANDS2Welcome to our blog. We as the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique team are excited to have you join our group. The procedures used in the AMIT method have been used and challenged at the elite level of human performance for over 40 years with exciting and reproducible results. Practitioners who have certified in our program say their practices have grown and they have a renewed excitement going to their offices. Our vision is to have AMIT a recognized standard of care for active people by the year 2023. With your help we will be able to accomplish this AMIT does not replace the great techniques already being used in sports medicine and sports chiropractic, it enhances them. Our goal is to make AMIT the most researched approach to human performance and injury correction in the field.

We invite you to share your ideas and experiences with our growing group or providers. As a group, we can learn and grow in our understanding in how this amazing system called the human body works.

-Craig F. Buhler, DC and the AMIT Team.