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November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter

In this months clinic newsletter we will discuss ways to prevent and treat cold & flu viruses. We have also announced the date for our annual Fun & Food charity event. Make sure to check it out so you can reserve your spot now! (Click the link above to view our monthly newsletter)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our patients & friends, we are so grateful for all of you!

Best Wishes – Buhler Athletic Injuries & Human Performance Clinic

Congrats Dr. Kelli Pearson!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Kelli Pearson from Spokane Valley, Washington on making the news and helping others using the AMIT Method! – You can read the article using the link below
“He’s coming along; he’s toughening up,” GU coach Mark Few said. “We had some great efforts out of our docs. Kelli Pearson, our team chiropractor, flew down and treated him Sunday and that made a huge difference in his recovery.”

My Son Jack

My son (Jack, 14) suffered from chronic headaches. He had gone through many typical medical routes before finding Craig. For example, pain management via multiple medication trials, MRI, CT scan, Optic exam, ENT evaluation with subsequent antibiotic trial, and some physical Therapy/Massage/Chiropractic (not Craig AMIT Method) sessions.

At the end of this cumulative approach, with Jack only receiving marginal success at best, the final decision presented to us was to put Jack on daily medication. The medication was a prophylactic medication and was the last recourse we were offered to manage his pain. We could not accept the idea of our previously healthy and vibrant 14 year old to be put on medications chronically. He was 13 prior to the onset of headaches and weighed merely 80 lbs.

We decided we weren’t done searching for other health care options. We found Craig and using the AMIT Method Jack’s life began to change for the best. His headaches began to diminish slowly but surely. Craig was not looking to “manage” Jack’s head pain, but to discern “why” he was having the headaches. He then worked to “fix or resolve” the problem, finding the underlying cause of his pain.

As Craig worked on Jack and explained his findings, he helped us understand the sound underpinnings of his approach. We felt like Jack had finally arrived into healing hands.

Not only was Craig extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and grounded in understanding the human body as a multidisciplinary “system”, he helped to alleviate our anxiety about Jack’s condition. We trusted Craig. We felt ourselves becoming more confident and calm as time progressed. Jack was getting better!

We are grateful to have found Craig. It is scary to think where Jack would have been without his skilled intervention. Many Thanks!

Jack’s Mom

Patient Testimonials – Cindy Murphy

After 20 years of pain in the pain of the area of my shoulder blade and neck, I finally found relief with Dr. Buhler. I had tried multiple chiropractors, medical doctors, injection, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and strengthening exercises with only temporary relief at best.

Once I had my AMIT evaluation, I knew that this was different from anything I had ever heard before. During my first appointment, I received the most thorough examination I had ever been given. As the treatments began over the following weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. Due to how long I had been in pain, it took many months for Dr. Buhler to activate all of my muscles, but he never had to do the same one twice. Once it was activated, it seemed to be a permanent fix. When enough muscles were activated, the pain resolved. Then I could move on successfully with strengthening exercises that I was unsuccessful with in the past. Since then, I have brought my husband and son in for evaluations and treatment as well as my out of state relatives. Everyone is amazed and so please with how they feel!

Patient Testimonials – Johanna Hofmeister

Dear Dr. Buhler (and company),

I will be forever grateful for Dr. Buhler’s contribution to my life! After 25 years of chiropractors and continued back pain, my aunt (a reputable acupuncturist) insisted that I see Dr. Buhler. Well rooted in alternative healing and dedicated to healthy living, I had not even realized how poorly my body was functioning. Dr. Buhler’s AMIT method restored function, agility, resilience, and health. If you want to be in your best body possible, Dr. Buhler’s work is an excellent place to start!

Johanna Hofmeister
CEO, Innovations Educational Consulting

Patient Testimonials – Stefanie Schulte

After I gave birth to my son 1 1/2 years ago I suffered from increasing and intensive pain and numbness in pelvic region and knees. I felt an incredible improvement after the past treatment and I didn’t have to take pain killers anymore. This is my first pain free time since 1 1/2 years and I’m looking forward to the next appointments.

Patient Testimonials – Tanner Redding

Our first introduction to Dr. Buhler was when our son, Tanner, was having back trouble and trouble with his SI Joint that limited his ability to play high school sports that he’d always participated in. A friend referred us after Dr. Buhler helped her son get back on the soccer field. Within 3 or 4 visits Tanner was able to start playing football and baseball again. Throughout all of the high school sports seasons Dr. Buhler’s method have kept Tanner competitive and able to play. Even after a serious, high ankle sprain Dr. Buhler was able to help him back to a miraculous recovery and ability to play quickly. We recommend Dr. Buhler to anyone and have experienced incredible results, both preventative and recovery.

Thanks Dr. Buhler!

The Redding Family