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Congrats Dr. Kelli Pearson!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Kelli Pearson from Spokane Valley, Washington on making the news and helping others using the AMIT Method! – You can read the article using the link below
“He’s coming along; he’s toughening up,” GU coach Mark Few said. “We had some great efforts out of our docs. Kelli Pearson, our team chiropractor, flew down and treated him Sunday and that made a huge difference in his recovery.”

Affiliate Testimonial – James Parker

DSC_4286 color crop web resizeThe AMIT certification courses have armed me with one of the best tools to reverse injury and produce results that not only are immediate but long lasting.  As a relatively new practitioner it has been such a great approach that has made me look really good with patients.  “Wow” is a common word that most patients say during and right after treatment.  I have seen that nothing is out of my realm of treatment and assessment given what I have learned through the courses.  As a former Olympic athlete I never ran into such a fast and effective treatment.  Also what about performance enhancement?!!  I have seen amazing things.  Next day personal records in lifting, jumping or individual exercises are way too common.  I am thoroughly pleased with my training and I am glad I spent the time and money to learn.  It has increased my value as a practitioner 1000 fold!

James D. Parker, D.C.
2004 Olympian

Dr. James D. Parker, D.C.
Performance Health Chiropractic
2019 W 1900 S Ste 100
Syracuse, UT 84075

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Affiliate Testimonial – Mark Parker

Thank you for having the perseverance to bring AMIT to us and world. I am amazed everyday at the results I am able to achieve using this system. Sitting In the first seminar I knew this was the piece of the puzzle I have been looking for in patient care. AMIT has transformed the way I look at patients and the way I treat them. This feeling was shared by the class. I look forward to treating many people with AMIT and changing lives. I also look forward to the improved AMIT you are working on. If I can help you in any way in the advancement of AMIT let me know.

Dr. Mark Parker DC